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What is the Aqua Mizer Flush System

Aqua Mizer is a 100% mechanical solution, does not require any plumbing, and is contained within the internal workings of the toilet to solve toilet leaks and flooding.

Why the aqua Mizer flush system?

Toilets are responsible for 85% of all water loss and 20% of all toilets are currently leaking, and the average leaky toilet will waste more than 75,000 gallons of water in a year. But there’s a solution.

The Aqua Mizer® Flush System is a superior toilet tank innovation specifically designed to reduce water usage and improve flush performance. The Aqua Mizer® Flush System also proactively prevents leaks and stops catastrophic toilet tank floods.

  • UL Verified & Green Circle Certified to use 41-52% less water per flush
  • Eliminates Water Loss During The Refill Cycle by up to 15%
  • Save thousands of gallons of water a month, limiting toilet maintenance calls
  • Commercial-grade materials with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
Aqua Mizer’s patented technology that stops running toilets
The Fill Valve

The patented Aqua Mizer® fill valve is the only one on the market that’s controlled by the activation of the flush handle. Even if all the water leaks out of the tank the Aqua Mizer® float will not open the intake valve unless the flush handle is activated. This technology prevents the tank from continuously refilling when there’s a leak present.

Encapsulated Float

The Aqua Mizer® adjustable float feature allows you to set the flush volume to the optimal amount of water for your bowl configuration and drainage conditions. This volume reduction can easily save 1 to 2 gallons of water each flush, depending on tank size.

Protector Cup

The Aqua Mizer® self-contained float cup keeps the fill valve closed, even if the tank empties completely. It simply won’t refill the tank unless the flush handle is pulled. The protector cup effectively ends a dynamic that’s plagued toilets for decades, stopping needless filling of the tank long after use.

Real-life success stories that have utilized the Aqua Mizer® Flush System
Coral Trace Health Center

A senior living community in Cape Fear Florida installed the Aqua Mizer® Flush System in all of their units.

  • 76 units installed
  • $24,000 saved annually
  • 151,992 gallons of water saved annually
Marina One Condo
  • 252 units installed
  • 2,741,420 gallons of water saved annually
Greystar’s 109 Tower

Water conservation for a residential building is a considerably complex issue and that wasn’t any different for a South Florida off-campus student housing high rise. They installed the Aqua Mizer® Flush System in response to low water supply in the area. In 9 months the results were:

  • 500+ units installed
  • $100,000 saved
  • 9.7 million gallons of water saved
American Campus Communities

With a strategic focus on water conservation, a large student housing developer, American Campus Communities Inc. installed the Aqua Mizer® solution to 15 of their projects nationwide.

  • Units installed across 15 properties
  • $905,000+ saved annually
  • 82 million+ gallons of water saved annually