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Marriott-AC Hotel Marriott-AC Hotel

Location: Kansas City, KS


  • Energy Management System
  • Occupancy based setbacks/recovery mode
  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Occupancy based lighting control – Legrand smart switches
  • Installed thermostats in all rooms, conducted heat/cool testing, and completed room commissioning. (Rhapsody devices)
  • HVAC Controls

    • When the room is not rented and is unoccupied the thermostat is in deep temperature set back recovery mode.
    • When the room is rented and unoccupied the thermostat is set to a more comfortable setback but still in energy conservation mode.
    • When the room is occupied the thermostat will bring and maintain the temperature to meet the guest desired setting.
    • When the room is occupied but motion is not detected other processes such as heat signatures and nighttime override settings are implemented.
  • Lighting Controls

    • The occupancy detection system described above will provide occupancy status to lighting devices. When the room is no longer occupied, all Connected lighting will turn off after a pre-determined amount of time.

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