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Water Saving
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Water & Technology

We are a company focused on energy conservation within electricity and water. We aim to help our clients take advantage of Local, State, & Federal incentives to improve their properties efficiency and cost. We are a licensed master electrical shop that does ground up construction, but focuses primarily on retrofitting lighting, thermostats, Electric Vehicle Charging, and Aqua Mizer flushing mechanisms. In our water division we focus our efforts on toilets and the Aqua Mizer Flush System for toilets on a property.

In 2024 we want to continue to expand our product offers to help our clients have a wider range of options to help them achieve their energy & financial saving goals.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at GG NRG is to help integrate our clients into the future with green energy’s by bringing cutting edge technologies in multiple efficiency categories. The GG NRG Team accomplishes this by utilizing our strategic relationships with manufacturers and innovators, as well as our seasoned team of installers and national network of implementors.


With the Aqua Mizer Flush System, your business will cut back on wasted water. See our Aqua Mizer Page for more details.


Building/Room management systems which controls lights, outlets, key cards, all smart devices including those from Google and NEST.


LED lighting installation, new and retrofit. We cover everything from office parks, high rises, warehouses, just to name a few...


Going Beyond

Our Team is top notch, with many years of experience. It's not only about the team, but the management as well. Will all those who are Team Players, be rest assure, your project will get done!

Our Team Players come with experience with, lighting, construction, solar energy, EV charging stations, plus so much more. Some of our team players, with their expertise, generated over 2 million in annual energy savings. We want to assist your business or home!

We continue to build our team. With all our team players, we are backed with tons or experience...


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