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EV Charging

Welcome to EV Charging Installations

We specialize in providing reliable and efficient EV charging solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Full Turnkey Design and Installations

At Going Green NRG Co, we offer a comprehensive turnkey solution for the design and installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. Our end-to-end services are tailored to meet the unique needs of residential, commercial, and public spaces, ensuring a seamless transition to sustainable and efficient electric transportation.

Services Overview:

  1. Customized Design:
    Our team of experienced engineers and designers work closely with clients to create bespoke charging solutions. We take into account the specific requirements of the location, user needs, and future scalability, delivering a design that maximizes efficiency and convenience.
  2. Site Assessment:
    Before implementation, we conduct a thorough site assessment to identify optimal charger placement, electrical infrastructure requirements, and potential challenges. This step ensures a smooth installation process and minimizes disruptions.
  3. Infrastructure Upgrades:
    In instances where existing electrical infrastructure needs upgrading to support EV chargers, our team handles the necessary enhancements. This includes electrical panel upgrades, wiring, and any modifications required for compliance with local regulations.
  4. Installation Services:
    Our certified electricians manage the entire installation process, from mounting charging units to connecting them to the power grid. We prioritize safety, compliance, and efficiency, ensuring that the EV chargers are operational and ready for use upon completion.
  5. Smart Charging Solutions:
    Embrace the future of EV charging with our smart charging solutions. Our systems can be integrated with smart grids and management platforms, allowing for remote monitoring, user authentication, and data analytics to optimize charging station performance.
  6. Regulatory Compliance:
    We navigate the complex landscape of regulations and permitting to ensure that your EV charging installation meets all local, state, and federal requirements. Our team handles the necessary paperwork, streamlining the approval process.
  7. Maintenance and Support:
    Post-installation, we have the ability to provide ongoing maintenance and support services to keep your EV charging stations operating at peak performance. This includes routine inspections, troubleshooting, and updates to ensure compatibility with evolving EV technologies.


  • Future-Proof Solutions:
    Our designs consider emerging trends in EV technology, ensuring that your charging infrastructure remains relevant and adaptable to future advancements.
  • Cost-Effective:
    By offering a turnkey solution, we streamline the entire process, minimizing downtime and potential cost overruns. Our efficient approach ensures a cost-effective implementation.
  • Utility Rebate Assistance:
    Our dedicated team assists you in identifying and applying for utility rebates, streamlining the process to ensure that you take full advantage of available incentives.
  • Sustainability:
    Supporting the transition to electric transportation aligns with environmental goals. Our solutions contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.


For any questions or if you would like to inquire more about our services, please contact Tom below or calling 970-239-0590 ext. 701

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