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First Presbyterian Church - Fort Collins First Presbyterian Church - Fort Collins

Location: Fort Collins, CO


  • Phase 1
    • Retrofitted existing common area troffers
    • Added more troffers in common areas from existing circuit
    • Retrofitted all ceiling can lights in interior of building 
  • Phase 2
    • Retrofitted all sanctuary lights(up lights, cans and ceiling dome lights)
    • Ran new low voltage wiring through ceiling for all lights
    • Removed and installed new low voltage power rack 
    • Installed and fine tuned new RGB DMX theatre lighting 
    • Assisted with programming/placement of theatre lights
  • Supplied materials and absorbed the rebate expenses for the project. 

We worked with the staff closely to do a full interior retrofit, custom low voltage power rack for the sanctuary and DMX theatre lighting. The sanctuary was running on all old halogen bulbs that were drawing too much power and producing a lot of heat causing burn marks at some of  the ceiling fixture points. With all new lighting that is color temperature selectable the sanctuary is now a more controllable soft light that the members have been enjoying. This church has a large online following who were having some issues viewing the program due to the dim lights, after the LED upgrade the online live video is much brighter making a better viewing experience.


  • A total of $42,618.00 in rebates