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Glen At The Park Glen At The Park

Location: Aurora, CO


  • Replaced photocells for proper nighttime lighting
  • Replaced breaker
  • Set new junction boxes and LED lights for entrance 
  • Trenched power from panel to garage to new subpanel.
  • Installed 20 AMP circuits for charging their golf carts
  • Installed switches and strip lights in garage 

Glen At The Park used oiur services in multiple phases for both new construction and unresolved issues they were having. Some of the buildings lights were running 24/7 and need to have the photocells located and replaced. A long with the photocells going bad the breakers needed to be identified and tested for flaws. Multiple breakers in the panel were bad and need to be replaced.

The entrance was to dark for the properties liking, we used an existing circuit to add new lights over the entrance.

Property maintenance uses golf carts to get around but did not have lights or power in the building they store them in. We trenched 200′ from the panel to a new sub panel install. The garage was then fitted with multiple circuits to charge the golf carts and have enough power to add a heater or more chargers down the road.

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