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Mountain Gate Apartments Mountain Gate Apartments

Location: Denver, CO


  • Phase 1
    • All exterior wall sconces retrofitted to LED
    • All post tops retrofitted to LED
    • Replace leasing breezeway fixture with
      new FML fixture
    • Replace leasing office large wall
      sconces with new LDSL fixture.
    • Supplied materials and absorbed the rebate expenses for the project. 
  • Phase 2
    • Replaced all weather damaged sconces 

This property was doing renovations and chose us to upgrade there existing exterior lighting fixtures. With state incentives we were able to save the client over $34,000 with purchases. The breezeway lighting was running on older fixtures with many of them burned out causing dark spots on the stairwells for tenants. After our install lighting was brighter and much more consistent throughout the properties breezeways. The property also wanted to increase light levels to the walkways and parking lots by upgrading all their existing wall packs.

After a hail storm the property had all of its sconces just installed damaged by the storm. Working with insurance for the claims and costs we replaced all the exterior sconces.  

Over $34,000 in savings! Save with us! Go Green


  • $31.25 rebate per FML-R10 downlight with a total of $34,875.

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